No Regrets.

Flex Carter. 18. Senior. 2011 Prom King. Co-Captain of the Mckinley Titans football team.

From Dillon, Texas. I play football, hunt, and swim. I love my truck, my dog and the ladies. Everybody loves me. That's all you need to know.

(Relax, this is just a roleplay.)

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Long Time No See → Carber 


In all honesty Rachel did feel really bad about not seeing Flex in a while, they hadn’t even really had a legitimate conversation in ages so of course she wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity to hang out with him now. They were in paradise, and well since they had arrived Rachel had been in a ridiculously good mood for multiple reasons. All around she could possibly say this had been one of the best vacations they had been on, mostly because she hadn’t been injured or a huge emotional wreck. Happily humming as she started to moved around her room, grabbing her belongings that she was sure she would need - camera and money, she looked around her room once just to make sure she had everything that she needed before skipping out and closing the door behind her. She really couldn’t hide it, she was just really excited about spending some quality time with her BFF. Possibly the only male she could hang out with, without being accused of sleeping with him. Obviously that would never happen.

Surprisingly enough, the house seemed to have settled down a lot in the past couple of days. Rachel was pretty sure that everyone was pretty much over the whole partying all the time, and well the beach house looked like it was on its last leg. The tiny brunette was shocked that Santana hadn’t been screaming at all of them for the mess because it was literally a disaster zone. She was just waiting on the day when Santana’s dad would come over and check everything out. Making it to the bottom of the stairs, Rachel pranced over towards the door before turning around. “Flex Carter, where are you and why are you not waiting for your best friend by the front door?” Rachel called out, placing her hands on her hips as she waited for the long haired male to appear.

Once he had convinced Rachel to spend some time with him, Flex made his way into the expansive kitchen of the beach house. It was hands down his favorite part of the house, and it was where he spent a majority of his time when he was sober. Aware that his best female friend would be downstairs and ready to hangout with him any minute, he lazily opened up the cupboards and the fridge, pulling out all the items necessary for a foot long sub. After slicing open the baguette, he carelessly tossed the knife in the direction of the already filled-to-the-brim sink, and continued making his sandwich. Completely absorbed in what he was doing, he could just barely hear the small brunette’s almost grating voice call out to him. Making no attempt to speed up his actions, he finished putting together the sandwich, and headed into the foyer, where the girl was waiting as patiently as he thought she could. “I needed a sandwich.” he announced, lifting the sandwich to emphasize his point. 

Normally, Flex was the type of guy who would have something exciting, and interesting planned out for anyone hanging out with him. However, they were in Puerto Rico, and everything here filled those qualifications. So he figured this time they would just walk down the closest boardwalk, and find something to get into. “We’re wingin’ it. No dumpsters, or pigs and mud… But everythin’ else is up for grabs.” he stated, pulling open the front door with his free hand, and waiting for her to exit first. It had been a while since he spent any sort of quality one on one time with Rachel, even before the trip, and he wasn’t really sure why that was. But Flex wasn’t sure about most things, including how the usually overbearing, and incredibly opinionated brunette beside him, ended up becoming one of his best friends. Then again that may always be a mystery. “How’s your vacation been goin’?” he asked, before taking a large bite out of the sandwich as he stepped out into the blazing hot sunlight. 

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satanhoepez replied to your post: Maybe it’s because, I don’t know, you put me in a DUMPSTER. AND SHUT THE LID.

There are some times that I really want to punch you in the face.

Well c’mon then. Do it. I dare ya. 

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satanhoepez whispered,
"Maybe it's because, I don't know, you put me in a DUMPSTER. AND SHUT THE LID."

Can’t hear ya.

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therachel-berry whispered,
"You tell me I need to wear pants but you sir need to wear a shirt."

I lost all of ‘em in the ocean. 

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Anonymous whispered,
"Happy Father's Day"

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Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t be asshole-ing me, man. Wait. That didn’t sound right…

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Exactly! So you should do me a solid and let me not get involved.

This is life or death, asshole.

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I’m soooo not getting involved.

I thought we were bros. 

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I really don’t understand you two.

There’s nothin’ to understand. You’re s’posed to be on my side. 

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em-fields whispered,
"He actually loves me more."

Keep thinkin’ that, EF.

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